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Model: S 8
Year: 1952
Condition: Restored/excellet
Owners: 1
Chassis no.: S8-***39
Engine: S8 ***60
Capacity: 500cc
Power: 0/0 hp/kW
Km: 4415
Price: PoA

History of motorcycles

Production started from spring 1946 with frame number S8-101 and these frames were different to the S7 Deluxe component, mainly due to the more conventional saddle arrangement which moved away from the previous cantilever arrangement. The motorcycle also sported forks which were much closer in build to the standard BSA A7/A10 component, although they are different and the yokes are much wider apart. Because the S7 Deluxe and S8 shared the same engine production line, frame and engine numbers never matched. This motorcycle was offered in black, mist green or the new and I think very attractive silver grey.

The S8 was also built as the 'Sports' option of the range, apparently aided by the new (and some say stylish) aluminium silencer (This can be expensive if missing). The tyres were much slimmer and not interchangeable. The front brake was replaced with a new 7" component. Front and rear mudguards are different to the S7 Deluxe to suit the slimmer tyres. Production of the S8 ended in 1956. Just over 8000 examples of this model were produced.


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