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Year: 1972
Condition: Restoration/excellet
Chassis no.: 76+++09
Engine: SACHS 50
Capacity: 50cc
Power: 7/5 hp/kW
Km: 0
Price: 5500.00

History of motorcycles

Founded in 1886 in Schweinfurt, Sachs is the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturer. Sachs was the largest manufacturer of two stroke motorcycle engines in Germany during the fifties, sixties and seventies.

Simonini was founded by Enzo Simonini in 1970, an employee of Fiat, in the early sixties, decided to create their own two-stroke engines for off-road bikes. Is dedicated to the first off-road bikes and then realized the conversion kits were what was given them the great reputation in their motors. In 1971, while continuing to develop the engines for other companies, they built a 50 cc motorcycle with a Sachs engine. This Simonini cross had over 10 HP to the wheel and was the lightest on the market.

Tank: Simonini Pastel Fenders: Simonini fiberglass of the same color of the tank Side panels: number plate oval plate in white plastic with border Sella: Gaman standards adapted with sheet painted black 3prisoners of attachment to the frame, seat cover in black leatherette and written SimoniniThen in mid-'72 saddle specific Simonini bottomed fiberglass. Suspension: Ceriani forks with stems Diam. 30mm - excursion simonini 50 cross first series 19711971 shocks Marzocchi chrome springs - wheelbase 300 mm - adjustable3 positions and then in 1972 Ceriani spring gray - 300 mm wheelbase Wheels and Brakes: alloy wheels Borrani high edge. Front and 2.50 x 213.00 x 18 rear tires Metzelerconical hubs Simonini Elektron with "teeth" 140mm and the second half of 1972 with "slots". Handlebar: Tommaselli width 860 mm - chrome Controls and levers: levers Tommaselli SUPER PRATIC with coprileva and commandgas Verlicchi economic black plastic. Engine: Single cylinder, air-cooled two-stroke 50 cc long-strokeSachs 50 S Ausf. A processed Simonini - bore and stroke 38 x 44-2 rackingpower 4.6 kW (6.5 hp) 8000 rpm - Compression ratio 13.5: 1 simonini 50 small cross 1971-1972orSingle-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled 50cc short stroke Sachs 50/6A GS A processed Simonini - bore and stroke of 40 x 39.8-2 transfer ports - power7.9 kW (11 hp), 12,000 rpm - compression ratio 13: 1 Carburetor: Bing 22 or 22 Dell'Orto pan side, in 1971 filter Dell'OrtoF30, in 1972 air filter cassette round fiberglass and paper filter. Gearbox:On the long ride 5-speed gearbox in Key internal sliding hubs simonini elektron teeth1st 1: 4.500 second 1: 2,734 3rd 1: 1,947 4th 1: 1,500 5th 1: 1,292The short-stroke 6-speed gearbox in Key internal slide1st 1: 4.091 second 1: 2,800 3rd 1: 2,111 4th 1: 1,714 5th 1: 1,435 6a 1: 1,240 Clutch: multiple discs in oil bath Ignition: electronic Motoplat, candle Bosch 290 Goodwill: the left foot Transmission: Primary helical gears (z 61/19) and the right side chain


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