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Model: 250 P
Year: 1934
Condition: Excellent
Owners: 2
Chassis no.: 2**1
Capacity: 232cc
Power: 0/7 hp/kW
Km: 999
Price: 10500.00

History of motorcycles

Fully functional bikes, rebuilt engine works carried out at the historic Guzzi factory in Italy, to use right away, the original 1938 plaque was Fascist documentsmotorcycle only for quality


Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1921 by Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi. Even though the first bike of Moto Guzzi was designed in 1920, the company was officially founded one year later while their first model dubbed Normale entered production in 1922. The Normale model had a 500 cc engine and quickly captured the attention of the market, becoming the first major success of the company.

Besides the Normale bike, the company has released several other notable models including the GT tour (1928), the Condor (1938), the Dondolino (1940) and the Sport 15 (1931). However, the Falcone model which came in 1950 could be considered the second major success of the company. Falcone remained in production until 1976, receiving a few updates over the years.

In 1967, Moto Guzzi  continued the research and development of new bikes, introducing the V7 which was later updated to V7 Special (1979). After a few years, the company created an even bigger engine of 844cc, being installed on the popular 850 Le Mans. Even if things looked to go pretty well for the company and it continued to release new and more advanced models, Moto Guzzi started experiencing financial problems and was bought by Alejandro De Tomaso.


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