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Model: MONDIAL 175 TV
Year: 1953
Condition: Original / conservato
Chassis no.: 1**4
Capacity: 175cc
Power: 0/0 hp/kW
Km: 15400
Price: 2900.00

History of motorcycles

motorcycle complete with everything all his pieces, aregood base restoration


Original italian 175 TV project bike. First produced in 1955, the Mondial 175cc TV, or 'Turismo Veloce', was Modial's first street bike to employ a single overhead camshaft engine. The camshaft is driven by a chain. The single overhead cam Mondials were available in three versions: Tursimo Veloce,Sport Touring, and Gran Sport. The TV was designed for fast sport touring. The last year of production for the 'TV' was 1958.

FB-Mondial was a motorcycle manufacturer from Milan, Italy between 1948 and 1979, known for its Grand Prix motorcycle racing successes during the 1950s. Prior to World War II, it manufactured delivery tricycles. The firm produced some of the most advanced and successful Grand Prix road racers of the time, winning 5 World Championships.

The "F.B." in the name stood for "Fratelli Boselli", after the owners, the Counts Boselli, a noble family from the Milan area. During a time when MV Agusta and Ducati produced economy lightweight 2-stroke motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, Mondial produced high-quality sporting motorcycles. The Mondial factory in Milan was much smaller than the largeMoto Guzzi, Gilera or Benelli concerns, and was more of a "boutique" manufacturer, specializing in high-performance, small-displacement motorcycles. Much of the production of each motorcycle was done by hand, which kept output low, with production numbers typically ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 units per year.

In 1949, when MV Agusta decided to produce a 4-stroke motorcycle, they purchased a Mondial 4-stroke motorcycle to use as an example. After the 1957 Grand Prix season, the major Italian motorcycle manufacturers including Gilera, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta and Mondial announced that they would pull out of Grand Prix competition citing increasing costs and diminishing sales (MV Agusta later reconsidered and continued racing).


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