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Make: KTM
Model: 175 GS ENDURO
Year: 1973
Condition: Restaured/excellet
Chassis no.: 6***22
Engine: Two stroke
Capacity: 175cc
Power: 0/0 hp/kW
Gearbox: 5 speed
Km: 0
Price: 6500.00

History of motorcycles

This is a rare "black engine" first bike built completely by KTM. The bike is in great running conditions!

The Austrian company KTM did not start as an off-road powerhouse but as a metalworking shop in 1934 by Hans Trunkenpolz. The production of KTM motorcycles began in 1953 with the R100. The KTM gained their first championship with the Austrian Championship in 1954. KTM was on top of the podium again with Egon Dornauer at the International Six Days Enduro in 1956. 1973 was a pivotal year for KTM as this was the year they began production of their 250cc enduro and mx bikes. The GS125 was the first KTM to go to America and helped to transform motocross.

KTM has always been known for innovation such as their first liquid-cooled two-stroke 125cc dirt bike in 1981. The innovation kept going into the late 90s when, in 1998, they came out with a linkless rear suspension that greatly reduced the weight of the bike. However, due to what many consider to be harsh suspension, KTM has since gone back to a linkage style rear suspension. The hydraulic clutch mechanism was also a KTM specialty, a feature any rider can appreciate in reducing arm pump.


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