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Make: DKW
Model: 125 SPECIAL GS
Year: 1974
Owners: 2
Chassis no.: 428++67
Capacity: 125cc
Power: 25/0 hp/kW
Km: 0
Price: 1800.00

History of motorcycles

This bike and completely original, all the details are born with the bike,you can 'go down immediately

DKW Motorcycles (formerly Sachs) are a prime example of West German engineering excellence and craftsmanship in production. Just compare the features you get with those of any other motorcycle...there are several reasons DKWs win more races - better suspension, better handling, a wider power band. In essence, engineering superiority.

SACHS 125 6 B-Carburatore Bing 28 mm rigid attachment Magura-commands-Forcella Ceriani 32mm-Ammortizzatori Boge not adjustable-Adjustable Mudguards steel-Cavalletto side


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