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Year: 1980
Condition: Original / excellent
Owners: 2
Chassis no.: ZAS901G********96
Capacity: 1351cc
Power: 86/63 hp/kW
Gearbox: Manual
Km: 38000
Price: € 8,000

History car

This Alfasud 1.3 is in good original conditions, with genuine 38000km, 3 door , cloth original interior in top conditions. Bodywork and underneath is extremely good with no repairs and rust free.

Alfasud was produced in Alfa's new factory in South Italy, thus gave it the name Alfasud ("Alfa South"). Expectation was high, and its production volume was supposed to transform Alfa Romeo into a big car maker. Inevitably, space-saving and cost-effective design was adopted, such as front-wheel drive, MacPherson strut suspensions up front and rigid axle suspensions at the rear.

Highlight was the new boxer engine (also called horizontally-opposed engine, or flat engine). Although returned to single-cam instead of twin-cam, superior smoothness and eagerness made it the sweetest engine available in the class for more than a decade. If the original power of 63 hp from 1186 c.c. was not completely convincing, at least its low center of gravity enabled exceptional handling. Of course, the sport-setting suspensions also contributed very much to the good handling.

Later, the engine was enlarged to 1.3 litres, thus the car called 1.3Ti. At the end of the decade, it was even upgraded to 1.5Ti, with 105 hp on tap. Performance was of course superb - zero to sixty took just over 10 seconds, which was rocket-fast then. This could be only eclipsed by the 1600cc Golf GTi.





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